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                Hi! Welcome to Huajin Group website http://www.aaa507.com
                Quality technology
                Technology R & D

                1.an overturning machine

                2.a heavy duty transport vehicle for steel

                3.a support block for the heat treatment of steel

                4.an electromagnetic tension control unwinding device

                5.a roll-changing device for rolling machines

                6.a peeling machine

                7.a single-drive transport vehicle for steel

                8.a single-drive transport vehicle for steel

                9.a cutting fluid filtration device for a grinding machine

                10.an automatic start control system for air conditioning in the room for horizontal drawing machine

                11.an automatic start-stop controller of pickling sprinkling pump

                12.an automatic start control system to adjust the frequency of pickling dryers

                13.a real time adjustment equipment for the roller of levelling machine

                14.a speed-measuring roll bearing for rolling machines

                15.a steel strips pinch device

                16.a roll-changing bearing device for rolling machines

                17.a hydraulic centering device for rolling machines

                18.an equipment for degreasing and squeezing

                19.an anti-shake roll for steel levelling machines

                20.a degreasing device for rolling machines

                21.a steel roll-changing vehicle for levelling machines

                22.an energy-conserving power supply system for transformers of rolling machines

                23.an automatic control device of gas supply system for degreasing production lines

                24.a control system to adjust the speed, frequency and supply of lubricant in rolling machines

                25.an efficiently operating systems to supply lubricant in rolling machines

                26.a constant pressure control system of automatic adjustment of frequency in cooling tower that can be shared by two units

                27.amplification and protection circuit for controllable silicon resistance-capacitance absorption in rolling machines

                28.a single-drive, linkage tension building control system of unwinding and rewinding for levelling machines

                29.a control system of temperature monitoring and over-temperature alarm for the room of rolling machines

                30.synchronous control system for oil and gas for rolling machines and dedicated air compressor

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